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We design, manufacture and sell top quality racing rigs and simulators.

Our product range consists of Karting rigs, GT Style rigs and full motion simulators.
These rigs and simulators can be customized to your requirements.
All of our rigs and simulators are powder coated and available in various colours.
All of our rigs and simulators come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

The karting rig and GT Style rig are compatible with console as well as PC.
The full motion simulator requires a PC (Please note that a very specific, high spec PC is required and will be supplied by us).

We offer various add on accessories such as;

– Buttkicker Gamer 2
– Thrustmaster steering wheel and pedals
– Simxperience Direct Drive wheels
– Shifters
– T.V stands
– Sticker kits
The details of these products and add on’s can be found on our product page.
To view some of our different products please see gallery.


SIMTEC RACING – Established in 2014.