Professional Racing Simulators

Professional Racing Simulator
We build and sell our MS-V2 Racing Rigs and we sell other products including the  Buttkicker Gamer2 as well as the Logitech steering wheels and pedals sets.
We do events and offer the following options:
  • Our full motion racing simulator with 3 DOF and a triple screen display. An example of our full motion simulators can be found at Ridgeway Racebar in the Stoneridge Shopping Centre Greenstone. These simulators are available on a pay to play basis within an awesome environment.
  • Up to 4 of our racing rigs using PS4 and our tactile transducer giving you the ultimate in driver immersion.
We offer the following:
  • We do corporate events and team building at your premises.
  • We do product launches / activations at your chosen venue.
Examples of events:
  • Redstar Raceway together with the Lamborghini Club of SA.
  • Zwartkops together with Leveregy and Sasol GTC championship.
  • Various trackdays including Kyalami.

Professional Racing Simulators by Simtec Racing.